The term “non-duality” is used to describe a philosophy that stipulates that there is no separation between “me” and “other-than-me”.

Most of us grow up believing we are a separate individual, free to act and choose as we want, separate from other people and objects.

Non-duality runs counter to that perception and points out that there is only one universal thing, which is called by different names – consciousness, the oneness, mind, God, brahman – or, simply, THE UNIVERSE (uni = one).

What you are – what I am – what we all are – is simply the one universe, appearing to our minds as a multiplicity of objects, but in reality just one substance, just as waves are not separate from the ocean. All notions of separateness are an illusion of the mind.

Non-duality philosophy has been taught under many different names for centuries. Some of those names are advaita, zen, ch’an and pantheism.

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