Welcome to the website about the book “The Three Illusions”. This book explains how to eliminate fear, guilt, anxiety and anger from your life by using a philosophy based on science.

Here you can read excerpts, ask questions and contribute answers.

One reviewer said the book “gets straight to the point, and isn’t full of padding as many self help books are.

Another said “The book is well written and makes for easy reading if you are prepared to have conventional thinking questioned.

Feel free to read the introduction to the book and to subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

I have set up a Facebook Group for us to discuss the concepts and ideas contained in the book. Feel free to join up!

The entire book is available from Amazon in ebook format and you can buy a paperback version via Lulu.

You can listen to my podcast with my buddy Ray Harris.

Read a couple of early reviews. For those of you without an iPad or iPhone or Kindle device, you can download the Kindle app for PC or Mac for free from Amazon’s site.

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