Stephen Hawking on Free Will

I’m currently reading Stephen Hawking’s most recent book (co-authored with Leonard Mlodinow) “The Grand Design” and was pleased to find the following paragraphs about free will. “Do people have free will? If we have free will, where in the evolutionary tree did it develop? Do blue-green algae or bacteria have free will, or is their […]

Neither Particle Nor Wave

The latest edition of New Scientist has a fascinating article titled “Quantum shadows: The mystery of matter deepens” by Anil Ananthaswamy (requires free registration to read). It discusses recent experiments conducted to try (yet again) to determine why photons sometimes appear as particles and sometimes appear as waves (the famous “double slit” experiment). In this […]

The Waking Dream

Chrissy and I were sitting around a campfire near Noosa last night, talking about dreams. Most people have no problem with the idea that the world that exists inside their dreams, including themselves, their friends, family, inanimate objects, etc, are merely thoughts, brain spasms over which they have no control. They would have no problem […]