The Great Teaching is very simple.

It is so simple that most overlook it, even when given to them freely.

They complicate it with ideas and concepts, with prejudice and fear.

They believe they are not worthy of it and so delay their acceptance of it.

This is not their fault – they do what they must.

The Great Teaching has not changed and never will change. It has been misunderstood and corrupted by some, but the teaching itself always remains pure and available for those who are ready to hear it.

The Great Teaching is this:

You are the entire universe.

There is nothing other than the universe. And you are it.

All perception of separateness from the universe is illusory, a product of the limitation of the senses and the mind, and a product of misunderstanding the evidence.

Every being, human and non-human, every inanimate object, every atom, every energy field – is simply an aspect of the universe which functions as a whole unit. This unit has been called many names – God, consciousness, awareness, the oneness, love – and many others, however they are all simply different names for the universe.

Realizing this, and accepting it to the core of your identity, is called liberation, enlightenment, and many other words in many other languages. It is, however, the same experience.

You are not separate from the universe – you never were and you never will be.

You can no more be separate from the universe than a wave can be separate from the ocean.

You are the universe observing itself.

There is nothing to achieve and nothing to gain – only this realisation that you are the universe.

Your life is determined by laws you don’t even understand – whether we call them the laws of physics, the laws of chemistry, or the laws of karma.

You have no free will. You have zero control over events in your life or the lives of others. You are merely witnessing these events, playing a role determined by a million other factors at play in the universe.

The Great Teaching is only this – that you are not separate – you are the universe. This is not an analogy. This is not a metaphor. This is a simple statement.

There is only the universe, functioning as one thing, one unit, inseparable, and eternal (for all time exists within the universe).

Understanding this will bring permanent peace, harmony and serenity into your life.

Not understanding this will leave your life in cycles of confusion and disharmony.

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