Three Illusions Podcast #4 – The Illusions of Identity

Who – or what – are you? Most people will say something about mind, body, soul, spirit – but as we’ll see in this episode, as soon as you scratch the surface, those concepts quickly fall apart. They are merely what one neurologist calls a “confabulation”. We’re going to argue that your misunderstanding about what […]

Three Illusions Podcast #2 – Science & Morality

Today we continue our free will discussion, but start with the question: how does the election of Trump fit into free will? Then we talk a little about recent neuroscience studies into free will and finish with a discussion about free will, morality and justice. Want to subscribe to the series? You can find us […]

Three Illusions Podcast #1 – The Illusion of Free Will

On our new podcast series, Ray and I will be making our way through my 2011 book “The Three Illusions” – a guide to using a basic understanding of science and some common sense to rid yourself of anger, guilt, anxiety, fear and emotional pain. In this episode, we begin a journey to investigate whether […]